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16 November, 2015

On 13-14 November Shen has organised a seminar on advanced agricultural technologies and tools for its lead farmers and cooperative members, totally 27 people from Vardenis, Vayots Dzor, Chambarak, Tavush and Sisian regions. This event were organised within the scope of several projects financed by Brot fur die Welt (Germany), HEKS/EPER (Switzerland) and Yalkezian Foundation (Canada) international development organisations.

The seminar took place in Shen office where two companies, Spetsmash and Im Aygi, offering agricultural machinery and tools presented their products. The participants asked various questions on technical parameters and terms of sale. Then they visited Nairi Fruit agriproduce processing company where they got acquainted with both solar and gas dryers. The next day the seminar participants visited Hrashk Aygi, the leading agricultural machinery/tools and input supply store. The store managers presented their products and answered the questions of visitors. Our beneficiary farmers visited also another input supply store, Natalie Agro in Yerevan. In both stores farmers bought some pesticides for their orchards.

This event was highly valued by the participants who expressed their appreciation during certification ceremony in Shen Office.

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A Major Rural Development Agency in Armenia

To become a reliable partner for vulnerable rural communities in their endeavour to create better life.

Mission Statement
Shen promotes social-economic development and empowerment of remote, vulnerable communities with active involvement of community members. Through transferring new knowledge and skills, promotion of employment, improvement of community infrastructures, strengthening CBOs, we strive to make those communities attractive for life and work.

Shen's mission is very appealing to Diaspora Armenians who aim to support their compatriots in Armenia to become well off and empowered to create their prosperity with their own hands. If you share this idea, join us - following in the footsteps of Yalkezian Foundation (www.yalkezian.com).

About us
The word "shen" means a well-to-do, a prosperous village in Armenian. It is our goal that all the villages of Armenia will become "shens" in the foreseen future.

Shen NGO was created in 1988, by a group of professors and students of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute to address some of the urgent humanitarian problems that faced people of Armenia. As time changed we made a shift from outreach projects to Integrated Community Development. Yet considering the potential vital role of Market Forces in income generation for rural popualtion we engage facilitative ladership dealing with market players alongside the value chain aiming at sustainable outcomes for our economic development projects (M4P projects).

The cornerstone of all Shen development projects is long-term sustainability which is our vision since the establishment for all the implemented activities in over 350 rural communities of Armenia. This has been accomplished with significant support of our sister NGO Shen France and the Armenian Diaspora. We would also like to acknowledge hereby our partner donors - World Council of Churches, Christian Aid (UK), IFAD, EED (Germany), ICCO (the Netherlands), Oxfam Novib (the Netherlands), EPER (Switzerland), KASA Foundation (Switzerland), UNDP, UNFPA, USDA, FAO, DFID, USAID, SDC (Switzerland).

In 2010, right after entering Armenian market, Orange Armenia, a subsidiary of France Telecom, started cooperation with Shen within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Thus, long-lasting successful cooperation with the transparent and socially responsible multinational corporation is bringing tangible and sustainable outcomes in about 10 vulnerable communities of Armenia annually.

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