Environmental education

Poor awareness on ecology issues and irresponsible attitude towards the nature among the population was quite common in USSR. It had especially drastic consequences during the first years of independence of Armenia when the population of the country because of harsh economic situation put heavy pressure on nature. Therefore, Shen decided to bring about changes in the field starting from education putting special emphasis on younger generation. The ultimate goal was to give the opportunity of sustainable development to the rural community population by involving them in organic agriculture and promote environmental consciousness by promoting green public areas.

In 2010 Shen ordered to develop a textbook, Environment and Ecology, for secondary schools. The Ministry of Education and Science of RA recommended it as an extracurricular textbook for secondary school students. The demand for the textbook was so high that it had been published twice. So far 6,000 copies are distributed in rural school libraries.


Besides Shen contributed to tackle the issue through implementing some other projects in this field. Thus, in 2002 Shen produced Armenian Forests, a documentary film on critical condition of the forests, which was broadcasted by the first national TV channel.