Working Group

Working group for effective implementation of forest restoration

In December 2022, during the first round table discussion organized by the Forest Alliance of Armenia, the participants agreed to apply to the government to create a working group to identify and map new areas for afforestation. In case of a positive response from the government, representatives of various departments, the public sector, foresters, experts, and other specialists should be involved in the group.

On August 30, 2023, by decision N 879-A of the RA Prime Minister, a working group was created to implement forest restoration works effectively. Heads of various departments, representatives of organizations, and the representatives of FAA member NGOs "My Forest Armenia" and "Armenia Tree Project" are officially involved in the group. The head of the working group is Hambardzum Matevosyan, Chief adviser to the RA Prime Minister.

The decision established that the head of the working group would submit information on the work done by the working group to the RA Prime Minister every three months.



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