Hovit secondary school gymnasium renovation

Social development
Hovit, Shirak

Hovit secondary school in Shirak marz was founded in 1936. For many years, it has served the community as the only cultural, athletic, and educational institution where many generations have been educated. After the devastating earthquake in 1988, the school has been dilapidated for many years. It was put into service again after the rebuild in 1997.

During more than 20 years of operation, a number of problems have arisen also in the school gymnasium. There is a need for the acquisition of new sports equipment and furniture. The gymnasium bathrooms are also out of use. 

The school gymnasium not only serves the 55 students of the school. After the school training sessions, the children and young people of the sports school of the Gyumri Children and Youth Complex have sambo training here. Thanks to this training, some of them have won honorable places in the world and European championships.

AYO (Armenian Youth Organisation) and Shen NGO have taken over the renovation of Hovit secondary school gymnasium. The renovation works started on May 12, 2023. The school staff, as well as the students and their parents, help and support the implementation of each new initiative and carefully maintain the school building and property. They are willing to take part in the repair work of the gymnasium. Besides this, the community will purchase the furniture after the completion of the renovation.

Project Duration
2023 - 2023
Armenian Youth Organisation

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