Nicolas Haack

Agroforestry Seminar with Nicolas Haack

The topic of the upcoming seminar on the Agroforestry held jointly by "Shen" NGO and Armenian National Agrarian University is “Planning aspects for agroforestry systems”.

The presentation will show the general relevance and complexity of comprehensive planning of agroforestry systems for their successful implementation. We will discuss various planning aspects in the context of subsequent establishment and management of the respective agroforestry systems. Among other issues, we will take into consideration the topics of water balance, soil protection and reducing erosion, as they are often the main aims of agroforestry. Depending on these aims the designs of the agroforestry systems can be aligned accordingly, while also balancing the expectations of the individual farmers with the possibilities and options on the site.

The speaker of the seminar is Nicolas Haack․ He studied ecological agricultural sciences at the University of Kassel/Witzenhausen and is Head of the Education and Training Section of the German Association for Agroforestry. His main focus is on animal husbandry (particularly large ruminants) and the integration of woody plants on grassland. He also covers the topics of agroforestry in viticulture, cultivation of wild fruit trees and keyline design and has expertise in site-adapted species and variety selection.

He is also one of the founders of TRIEBWERK, a consultancy working for tomorrow’s sustainable land use. Triebwerk’s vision is a productive and multifunctional agriculture with positive effects on climate, soil, biodiversity, water and society. Based on their professional expertise, they are also the connecting link between practice, research, politics and society. From the first idea to the implementation, TRIEBWERK accompanies farmers and farms in the long term. The focus is on developing individual solutions for farms.

The seminar will take place:

March 06 at 03։00 PM, via Zoom at AgriTech INCUBATOR.

The language of the seminar is English, with simultaneous Armenian translation.

Registration is online.

Please, RSVP by March 05.

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