Agroforestry Seminar Series

Agroforestry Seminar

"Shen" charitable non-governmental organization and the Armenian National Agrarian University are starting a series of seminars on agroforestry. 

During the seminars, the speakers will present the results of their research in Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America, paying attention to climatic and natural conditions similar to Armenia. Thus, they will provide approaches and solutions to contribute to the sustainable use of uncultivated land in Armenia. 

The seminars will be held regularly - once a month. English-Armenian-English simultaneous translation will be provided during the seminar. The aim is to deepen the understanding of the specific topics of agroforestry gradually. 

The purpose of the first seminar is to present a general overview of agroforestry and its features. During the seminar, the speaker will address general aspects of agroforestry: concept, design, and ecosystem services. The speaker of the first seminar is Professor Dietrich Darr of Rhine-Waal University. 

Prof. Dietrich Darr studied forestry and tropical forestry at the University of Applied Sciences Schwarzburg and TU Dresden. He conducted research projects on sustainable land use in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Laos. At Moi University in Kenya, Prof. Darr held a teaching position in rural extension. He received his doctorate from TU Dresden with a dissertation on promoting agroforestry innovations in East Africa. In addition to his teaching and research activities, Prof. Dietrich Darr provides consulting services to companies and organizations in the agro-food sector and other clients. Prof. Darr regularly publishes in his area of ​​expertise. 

The first seminar will take place on April 11, at 03:00 PM, at AgriTech Incubator, ANAU. The number of participants is limited. Those who want to participate may register here. Registration will be open by April 07.

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