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14 October 2014

On October 13, the opening ceremony of the completed project on integrated community development in Hartavan of Aragatsotn marz took place. First the opening was blessed by Tatev Archbishop Sargsyan. This event attended French Ambassador Henry Reynaud, Francis Gelibter, Director of Orange Foundation, Aragatsotn marzpet S. Sahakyam, Shen NGO representatives, community members and other guests. The project where the community had had a significant contribution was funded by Orange Foundation within its One Village initiative.

Due to sustainable operation of the newly established milk producers cooperative (furnished with all necessary lab equipment, mobile milking machines, milk collection truck, and milk cooling tank) the incomes of villagers will get increased. It is already operating a renovated and fully furnished kindergarten for 50 children in Hartavan. The internal (for homestead land plots) irrigation network is constructed, the drinking water supply improved as well as football and volleyball fields built at the local school. The community centre hall’s stage is furnished with certain necessary items and local dance group is provided with costumes. Now Hartavan has its own barbershop, an office for veterinarian and agronomist, as well as the medical centre furnished with necessary equipment and its nurses trained.

8 September 2014

From August 17 to 27, on the initiative of the Armenian Medical Union of France (UMAF) the subsequent project of "Glasses for Armenia" was implemented this time in Vardenis sub-region.

Seven specialists from France examined all the children of the region with eyesight problems, made and handed over 241 special glasses. At the same time, glasses were provided also for over 1500 people with eyesight problems. According to Gegharkunik Field Office of Shen NGO, this humanitarian initiative was highly appreciated by the population. On their turn, Program Manager and UMAF Vice President Leon Artinian and Treasurer Bedros Ohanian expressed their gratitude for collaboration with Shen.

The first computers in this village have created a lot of enthusiasm among young people.  30 women now earn money from their handwork - embroidered textile in one of the most disenfranchised areas of Armenia - Chambarak.  This irrigation canal remained ruined for many years. Now it is ready for the next irrigation season.  The first training in the newly constructed gym in Karaberd  The ecological education always comes with practical activities  Discussion about ecology in Yeghnajour  Farmers in Ayrum get their property titles for the lands on which peach orchards have been planted with the support of Shen  The products from this greenhouse have a large market in Yerevan  In 2009, 6000 oak trees were donated to the State Forest Department. Another 2000 seedlings were donated to 3 rural communities

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