On 30 September at 11:00 the training on introduction to new organic pesticides and fertilisers as well as technical details of fruit and veg preservation by small-scale cold storages will take place in Akunq Organic Agriculture Training Centre. Those interested to participate in the training should confirm thier attendance via...
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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Latest News

Opening ceremony of Akunq training centre
On September 14, the opening ceremony of the first Organic Experimental and Demonstrational Training Centre, based near Akunq village of Kotayk Marz, took place in Armenia. The significance of the training center for the sustainable development of organic agriculture in Armenia is manifold. The center aims to promote organic farming...
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12 May, 2016
On May 12, a workshop/consultation took place at Shen office with participation of the staff of Agriculture and Livestock Service Centres (ALSC) established by CARD Foundation in different regions of Armenia. Shen officers proposed to the seminar participants a new model of operation of ALSCs based on Markets for Poor...
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About us

The word "shen" means a well-to-do, a prosperous village in Armenian. It is our goal that all the villages of Armenia will become "shens" in the foreseen future. 

Shen NGO was created in 1988, by a group of professors and students of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute to address some of the urgent humanitarian problems that faced people of Armenia. As time changed we made a shift from outreach projects to Integrated Community Development. Yet considering the potential vital role of Market Forces in income generation for rural population we engage facilitative leadership dealing with market players alongside the value chain aiming at sustainable outcomes for our economic development projects (M4P projects). 

The cornerstone of all Shen development projects is long-term sustainability which is our vision since the establishment for all the implemented activities in over 350 rural communities of Armenia. This has been accomplished with significant support of our sister NGO Shen France and the Armenian Diaspora. We would also like to acknowledge hereby our partner donors - World Council of Churches, Christian Aid (UK), IFAD, BfdW (Germany), ICCO (the Netherlands), Oxfam Novib (the Netherlands), HEKS-EPER (Switzerland), KASA Foundation (Switzerland), UNDP, UNFPA, USDA, FAO, DFID, USAID, SDC (Switzerland), Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Yakezian Foundation (Canada).