Presentation of a major Russian fertiliser producer company in Yerevan

On October 25, EuroChem Russian fertiliսer producer and four Armenian input importer/trader companies signed an agreement on cooperation in Yerevan. One of these four Armenian companies is ArtAgro LLC with whom Shen has been cooperating for many years. On this occasion Arthur Ktrakyan, Director of ArtAgro LLC invited Shen to the presentation of EuroChem company. Together with Shen, the presentation was also attended by representatives of two input stores from Vardenis and Yeghegnadzor, where the Horticulture Market Development project is being implemented.

During the presentation, Maxim Seryogin, CEO of EuroChem noted that they have been operating in the Armenian market for already two years and intend to increase its share in the market to 30%, for which a decision was made to establish a distribution network. According to him, due to such a network Armenian farmers will purchase fertilisers at affordable prices at any season and avoid financial losses. EuroChem offers Armenian farmers the fertilisers with the necessary microelements as well as water-soluble fertilisers that are easier to apply.